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South Asian Culture and Dating: 30, Single, and Looking – or are we?

Monday, July 19th, 2010

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. And todays post is about the actions of many of us single folks out there.
Let’s take our girl Rita (fake name of course :-) ) as an example. Rita is 30. Rita lives in the city. Rita is a social butterfly and has tons of friends – both guys and girls. Rita enjoys going out on weeknights and weekends to the local bar or parties or concerts, what have you. Rita is single. Rita claims she wants to be in a relationship and says she is ‘actively looking’ but what is she really doing to try and meet that special someone?

At work she is surrounded by people who are either in relationships already or they just aren’t her type (not to mention all the issues associated with dating someone at the workplace). Evenings and weekends when she goes out, she tends to spend time with her close friends and may occasionally meet someone new but that’s purely by happenstance and not usually planned in anyway. That leaves family gatherings, personal time (including tv, surfing the web (), etc) and nights to sleep. So how exactly is finding someone a ‘focus’ in Ritas life? As we can see, its really not!

Yet when asked, Rita will valiantly claim that she is looking and she wants to be dating someone. Perhaps someone who’s Indian, perhaps not. She will spend countless Saturday nights wondering when she’ll be part of a ‘table for 2′. Either way, unless we are hoping for Mr Right to literally drop out of the sky and into our laps, not sure how Rita is planning to find someone to date, or even ‘the one’.

So yes, actions DO speak louder than words. And this is where the internet is so great! The beauty of the online world is that it fits within our busy lifestyles and allows us to do all those other things we enjoy and not have to sacrifice, but at the same time allowing us to focus some time towards ‘the search’. So all those out there (and even you late 20-somethings) take control of your destiny (or ‘Kismet‘ as we Indians refer to it) and put your cursor where your mouth is – click onto TwoMangoes!