Why TwoMangoes?

June 28th, 2010

If you ever looked at what is available out there as South Asian Social Networking or just plain , places where South Asians should be able to connect and meet each other, you’ll understand and mostly agree over why there is a necessity for TwoMangoes.

Regardless, we’ve gotten the question a few times in pitching, recruiting and designing TwoMangoes from concept to inception. Although I wish our collective minds were skilled enough to tackle severe issues like climate change or the , we decided to take a bit off for far too long.

Each of us knows of someone who is looking for a relevant  long term relationship; whether it’s your best friends, brother or sister, or frankly yourself! The search for a significant other has transcended time and is ever prevalent in our South Asian community, especially when you become the target of everyone’s ‘match making’ skills if you remain single past the mysterious age of “twenty five”.

As we cross this mysterious age of ‘25’ threshold, we are, no doubt, poked and prodded to meet ‘friends’ through parental (or aunty uncle?) introductions, and other familiar friendly sources (read as blind dates with friends of friends J) Of course, like any good self providing individual, we prowl the scene for suitable mates at all of our favorite haunts as well. This search is such a focus and at times so intense that it has a name to itself – matrimony (shudder).

There in lies the problem! Matrimony – beyond the scary sounding word itself – we’re not looking for a one and done marriage in the next 10 days. We want to meet people, connect with them and find the right partner with whom you connect with at all levels…This concept is foreign to many of the sites out there today – where their focus is to try to get you hitched immediately. That’s not us, nor what we want, so why do we it?! No idea! But we certainly have a different approach to things, one that fits our 1st/2nd generation South Asian western/eastern values and the social environment we grew up with.

That’s what TwoMangoes’ about…we welcome you aboard our journey.

TwoMangoes the fresh new approach to South Asian Dating

June 17th, 2010

There’s a new generation of South Asians on the internet, ones who know that looking to meet someone must mean having better options than looking here!

In mid 2009, partially inspired by the need to connect South Asians and partially pressured by our parents to do something useful with our lives, a few of us came together to start theorizing about how to shake up the South Asian dating scene. We had seen countless sites catering to the mainstream market, and the sites, for us, were out-dated, stale and just plain ““.

So throw in a bunch of brown Engineers & Business manics and you get -> TwoMangoes.com! The new fresh approach to meeting and connecting with South Asians online, and by that we mean South Asian Dating done right!

We’re kicking off in the US and Canada, with plans of eventual .  So welcome to our blog the ever expanding tapestry of our unfolding destiny, can you tell some of us are writers too? :)

TwoMangoes is based out of basements offices in Toronto and San Francisco and we’re looking to expand to cool locations, London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore and Sydney – let’s face it, us Desi (Dezee?) people are everywhere!

So here’s to all our lovely relationships and that particularly special one, to come!