Celebrity Fashion Designers, SHANTANU & NIKHIL Announced For ANOKHI’s 11th Anniversary Event | Get Your Tickets NOWWW!!!

International Celebrity Fashion Designer Duo, SHANTANU & NIKHIL To Showcase Fashion Show At ANOKHI’s 11th Anniversary Event For The First Time In Canada! It’s THAT time of year again when ANOKHI MEDIA gets ready to celebrate another stellar year with our wonderful community! IN ASSOCIATION WITH JOHNNIE WALKER As ANOKHI magazine turns 11 with the release of its milestone collector’s edition in… [Continue Reading]


What’s In The Mango Stars For You In December 2013

We’re always wondering what our birth charts have to say about our future and we’re always focused on what may or may not happen. Want a little help next month? Prapti Bagga Arora let’s us know what’s in the stars for all of us this June. Find out below!!       DECEMBER Pisces (Feb 19… [Continue Reading]


INTERVIEW With Bollywood’s ‘Bullet Raja’, Saif Ali Khan

Can you tell us about your character in Bullett Raja? It’s a thriller about somebody who is quite an intelligent guy. He’s from a well-to-do Brahmin family so it’s very surprising that he ends up in this line of mafia work. But there is no other option for him. It’s the rise of a gangster… [Continue Reading]


Ask Shilpa – “I am confused and lonely and don’t know what to do about it!”

Hi Shilpa.,  I am a 28-year old male.  I have been talking to a girl for 9 years.  The problem is that it has never gone past talking…online.  I’ve never actually MET her in the 9 years I’ve known her.  I’ve indirectly dropped hints to get a phone number, to skype or video chat, but she… [Continue Reading]


How To Approach A Girl At A Party

Most men have their own way of moving in on a girl they fancy. Some men are cool, others not so cool. Advice columnists in newspapers and magazines will give you theirtips on how to approach a girl at a party or social event but, in all honesty, there is no one method.  I, however,… [Continue Reading]


It’s Never Too Late for Dating Resolutions thanks to…The Asian Hitch

We’ve all started the new year with a list of resolutions to do things better, or do things right…have you made your list of resolutions for your dating life? Check this out! ‘To find out more visit www.theasianhitch.com