Reena Mumbai Does Mumbai – Day 3 (Parts 1 & 2)

Reena Mumbai’s journey in India continues and her time in Mumbai proves adventurous and full of delicious eats. As she navigates the ins and outs of the busy and bustling city of Mumbai. With her camera, blog and stomach of steel, Reena shows us what it’s like to be in Mumbai through her eyes. 

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The house is pitch dark. I have stumbled out of my bedroom, into the drawing room, where sleeps my family’s Lhasa Apso, Dolce (There is no Gabbana. You’re not that clever, even my dad knew to make that joke.) I start up Sir-Mac-a-Lot because I am now wide awake and in need of knowing what time it is.

The laptop says 19:19 (still set on good ol’ NY time), and so because I know it is too early for my brain to do the math, I google “Mumbai time” and lo and behold, it is 4:49 am here. Explains why it’s still dark outside.

What has gotten me up is frustration and irritation. I have a new-found sympathy for allergy sufferers. I slept with a blanket last night since the A/C was going strong, and apparently, my body has decided it is either allergic to the fabric or perhaps, since the blanket was tucked away in a cupboard till now, it accumulated particles that my face decided was not agreeable to it. I sneezed in succession for about 20 minutes, probably waking up my sleeping cousin who lay next to me. The sneezing was accompanied by what felt like three hives on my cheeks, AND my eyes swelling up, as histamine, or something, surged through my body.

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Today my family shifts out of their flat in Bandra and into a larger flat just about 2 blocks away. The new abode was 2 years in the making and in light of the auspicious occasion of moving to a new home, there will be a puja at 9:30am, followed by lunch at a local restaurant in Bandra.

This means that yesterday my cousin and I ran around Bandra all day doing last minute shopping for diyas, and decorations, mithai and “return gifts” (which I have come to realize is a party gift for attendees.) She also insisted that every family member be gifted a new outfit to be worn at the puja, and yay, that means I got a new suit to wear.

At the very end of the day my cousin and I went to the parlour to get buffed and painted, and while my cousin sat, getting her hair blown out, I decided I couldn’t sit still (surprise), and told her I was going to go get something to drink and would be back in 10.

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