Online Dating: BBM vs. Facebook – Add or not to Add?

Gone are the days when phone numbers were written on napkins and a guy would call you 3 days later. Enter, online dating which has been revolutionary  yet has also severely mixed up the signals to the point where the rule book was thrown out the window, it was a waste of paper anyway. So not… [Continue Reading]

“Bollywood for Beginners” by Bollyspice

No one needs a complete and full understanding to know what a Bollywood film is, but it is useful to have a brief introduction and who better than the Editor-in-Chief of BollySpice, Stacey Yount. Stacey walks us through giving us the A,B,C’s of Bollywood cinema. Many of you, dear readers, are totally bollyobsessed and can… [Continue Reading]

Out “Dated” or “Dated”

We all know that beauty exists inside and out, but let’s be real, your physical appearance, meaning the way in which you present yourself on a first date says a lot about who you are! Kavita Suri, Award winning Make-up Artist, owner of Kavita Suri Spa and Beauty Editor at Asian Women Canada Magazine gives… [Continue Reading]

Bollywood Love for Coconuts: The Tree Trunk

Spring is here and sinuses are at an all time high. You know what else is lurking in the air? It’s the BW Syndrome, you know, the other allergy? You have probably spent the past few months running around in open fields, rolling down the hills in a loving embrace and whispering sweet nothings to… [Continue Reading]

South Asian Culture & Dating: Stop Bugging Me!

Being a single south asian is definitely not easy! It’s already hard enough dealing with the pressures of being single when all your friends are married or better yet, prepping the nursery for their first born. Add into the mix ever meddling desi parents and the added pressure they put on us to get married… [Continue Reading]

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