Is short really sweet?

A few weeks ago, we saw a tweet by @MissMauna about her frustration with a short message on           That singular tweet galvanized us to put our engineering and mathematics degrees to use, and share with you some analytics that we have noticed on the site since our launch. We… [Continue Reading]

What A Man Really Means

Dating is hard and coming back home from a date confused is probably even harder. The thing is, when on a date, we each put forth our best efforts, sometimes trying to hard and sometimes trying to be so relaxed that we don’t appear to be trying at all. In the world of dating, knowing… [Continue Reading]

The IIFA Diaries – “3 Reasons why the IIFA Awards make a perfect First Date Destination”

In just less than one month the lights will dim and the stage will be set for the 2011 IIFA Awards. The biggest of Bollywood’s stars will be out and about in the city of Toronto and fans will live out their dreams. What about the love birds out there? Surely, the IIFA Awards can… [Continue Reading]

My First Proposal: The Bollywood Factor

Bollywood has bestowed us with wonderful performances, excellent choreography and beautiful songs, yet it has also gifted us with expectations and presumptions about love and marriage. Enter…Asad Haider, someone you would find laughing at a desi wedding, standing awkwardly behind families taking pictures and making funny faces. He has been writing for different blogs like… [Continue Reading]

The Top 7 things NOT to say to a Desi guy on the first date

For a while now we have seen films and read books that deal with women gathering together to discuss their dating woes and relationship hurdles with the men in their lives. Now, while the men are not totally cast in a negative light in these scenarios, it’s time for the guys to fess up. This… [Continue Reading]

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