The Top 7 things NOT to say to a Desi guy on the first date

For a while now we have seen films and read books that deal with women gathering together to discuss their dating woes and relationship hurdles with the men in their lives. Now, while the men are not totally cast in a negative light in these scenarios, it’s time for the guys to fess up. This… [Continue Reading]

7 Do’s & Don’ts of Dating – The Curry Bear/TwoMangoes Showdown

Today’s guest post is a showdown of the do’s and don’ts of dating between the elusive, infamous and often offensive yet funny Curry Bear (tweet) (like) vs. the happy go lucky Jas Banwait – Community Mango of TwoMangoes. Please be advised that the following post is not for the sensitive and/or easily offended.                VS. CB: 1. Don’t get… [Continue Reading]

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